the ab wrap.

A proven belly wrapping system to help you prepare, recover & restore though pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

at bellies inc., we are on a mission to help you prioritize healing & loving your postpartum body.

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the ab system.

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"It feels amazing!  Like you told me…a gentle hug for my abdomen and pelvis.   Wish I had it for my other 2!"


"I have no idea how I would have survived with with a 19 month old and a new born without this band.

The relief this band provided on my lower back and throb in my pelvic floor was astounding!”


"My number one reason to wear the wrap is to help my uterus and pelvic tissues heal. Taking some pressure off my pelvic floor by gently hugging the uterus and helping it return to its original size!"

Lucy D


the core confidence ebook

You've probably been hearing about how vital pelvic floor health is throughout pregnancy, birth, and beyond. But where should you begin? And how do exercises and a pelvic wrap contribute to both preparation and recovery?

In this free ebook, we'll guide you though all of the essentials and much more. You'll learn about your anatomy and the effect pregnancy has on it, what Diastasis Recti is and how to approach it, and how maintaining your core health can prevent incontinence now and in the future.

You want to do what you can to take care of yourself and heal properly - but where to even start?

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