Our Story

The Origin

In 2010, Kim Vopni, Samantha Montpetit-Huynh (both pelvic floor fitness specialists) and Julia Di Paolo (a pelvic floor physiotherapist) joined forces to change the way people were preparing for and recovering from pregnancy and birth.

Initially offering courses for other fitness professionals, they went on to develop the postpartum recovery product that we now know as The Ab System. On Mother’s Day 2015, The Ab System was launched!

In early 2020, sole owner Kim began planning a change. She envisioned passing the torch to someone as impassioned to help birthing families during the postpartum period.

As serendipity would have it, the exact person she envisioned was also looking for a new opportunity - and that person was me!

Hi! I'm Samantha Garcia Gagnon

My Philosophy

I am originally from the Philippines, and the way postpartum is approached back home was very different to how I have witnessed my friends and my clients postpartum recovery.

In the Philippines, the birthing person’s early weeks postpartum is focused on rest and nourishment. Their community comes together to support them physically and emotionally.

This is my same approach when I prepare my clients for their postpartum healing and now, with bellies inc. I can continue that message!You want to know what I love most about bellies inc and The Ab System? I love that it gives new parents an opportunity to spend a bit of time to focus on themselves.

In those early weeks postpartum, it is all about the baby. I have seen far too many birthing folks stop taking care of themselves because they were just so engrossed in caring for their baby.

But here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. With the bellies inc. Ab System and Core Confidence exercises, you can spend a little bit of time every day focusing on yourself. You deserve to be cared for. Starting this in the beginning of your parenting journey will make it so that self care becomes an expectation of parenthood, not an exception.

Since taking over, we have been able to grow our offerings to include even more products for postpartum healing, plus have added pregnancy products as well so you can feel cared for every step of the way.

Our Mission

At bellies inc. we are on a mission to get birthing folks to prioritize healing and loving their bodies after it just did the most amazing ​things - growing, birthing and nurturing a baby.

I want to make this clear - the Ab Wrap is NOT about "getting your body back" - because it never left.

In many different cultures all over the world, including my own in the Philippines, the birth of the baby begins the time of rest. The Ab Wrap was inspired by the tradition of "Mother Roasting/Warming" which is a collection of different healing practices that signify the rite of passage of the birther becoming a parent.

​In North America, postpartum healing is not fully considered. Instead new parents are racing to get back into their skinny jeans, striving to not look pregnant anymore and they start working on personal bests at the gym around 2 weeks postpartum.

Honour your need to recover, rest, replenish and restore.

Meet our Team

The best things come in small packages and you can definitely say that about the bellies inc. team! Our bellies inc. team is made up of a core group of kick ass women who work hard and love harder. 

Kelly - Your friend behind the info@belliesinc.com email

Chrissy - Production assistant making sure our products get out to you asap

Dawn - Our numbers gal

The Causes Close to Our Hearts

As a business owner, it is my responsibility to give back to causes that we believe help make the world a better place. Throughout the year, bellies inc. hosts pregnancy and postpartum groups and classes through our Bellies Community Space. Money raised through our different programs are donated to:

The Nesting Doula Collective

The Nesting Doula collective provides care and support to Black, Indigenous and communities of colour

-- including immigrants and refugees, at all stages of their reproductive journey from conception to postpartum. Their approach upholds the principles of informed consent, culturally appropriate care, and community connection. They are a growing collective of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour who are trained in providing professional, empowering, and anti-oppressive Doula support to their diverse clients and families.

We also support other charities and organizations through out the year as the opportunities and needs arise.

bellies inc. is a feminist-led company that is fiercely protective of all bodies, including cis-women, trans folks, people of colour and other women-identified groups as well as gender non conforming people and folks of marginalized genders.