Core Confidence Online Program
Core Confidence Online Program
Core Confidence Online Program
Core Confidence Online Program
Core Confidence Online Program

Core Confidence Online Program

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This 8 week online program gradually progresses you through a core exercise program that is designed for use in pregnancy, the first 8 weeks postpartum and as a restorative core program for people struggling with incontinence, prolapse and/or diastasis recti.

The program is both preventive and restorative meaning the same program is used in your pregnancy AND in the first 8 weeks postpartum.

By learning the exercises during your pregnancy you can be confident knowing that your body is prepared but also that you will not have to learn a new exercise program once your baby arrives.

This is an online program. After purchase be sure to check your inbox where you'll receive both your link and password! 

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    For During Pregnancy

    The Core Confidence Program was designed with the pregnant person in mind because recovering from pregnancy and birth starts while you are still pregnant.

    By using the Core Confidence program daily in your pregnancy you will build and maintain a stronger core that will help you birth better and recover more quickly. During your pregnancy, we encourage you to do all 8 exercises as part of your regular movement plan.

    You can start the program at any point in your pregnancy, however we really encourage daily use in your last trimester.

    For During Postpartum

    After the birth of your baby, the Core Confidence program allows you to gradually restore your core. Each week, you will add one new exercise in the first 8 weeks postpartum. Your body needs time to heal and requires support both internally with rest and the core Confidence exercise program and externally with the Ab Tank and Wrap.

    These exercises were designed by a team of pelvic floor specialists including a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and Pelvic Floor fitness professionals so we know they are both safe and effective to use right after birth.

    Finding us after the first 8 weeks postpartum?

    Don’t fret, the Core Confidence program can be used by anyone with a pelvic floor and should be the first step in any core restoration program. It sets the foundation for you to gradually progress and eventually get back to the activities you desire with strength and confidence!

    Did you know…

    It has become clear that a large percentage of birthing people develop a separation of the Ab Muscles (Diastasis Recti) during their pregnancies and it typically does not completely heal on its own. Research is showing that if any change will happen, it will happen within the first 8 weeks postpartum.

    We believe that by providing physical support with The Ab System, coupled with the restorative Core Confidence program, people will heal better and be more likely to return to optimal function than those who do not.

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