Perineal Healing Herbs
Perineal Healing Herbs

Perineal Healing Herbs

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This wonderful combination of herbs have been specifically and carefully formulated to provide a healing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory and tissue repair effect, used topically for postpartum healing.

Developed by Dr. Eran Even, Ph.D., Dr.TCM in collaboration with Bump Physio & Co.

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    Directions for use:

    Add 1-2 TBSP of herbal blend into cloth bag provided, tie over faucet when filling the bathtub or sitz bath deep enough to soak your perineum, and let water flow over the herbs and infuse the bath water.

    Alternatively, you can steep the tea in hot water and then transfer into the Upside Down Peri Bottle when it has reached room temperature. You can then spray onto the perineum.


    Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) *certified organic

    • Hemostatic - Yarrow has astringent qualities that help reduce swelling and stop bleeding
    • Tones and stimulates veins - Great for engorged or varicose veins.

    Calendula (Calendula officinalis) *certified organic

    • Anti-microbial
    • Anti-septic —> due to these effects, the external use of calendula helps keep wounds clean and support the growth of new tissue. Helps facilitate the healing of slow to heal wounds and ones with signs such as redness, tenderness, and localized inflammation

    Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) *certified organic

    • Anti-inflammatory - well documented effect in soothing anal or vulval inflammation.
    • Also used for their antiseptic, pain and relieving properties.
    • Well known herb to help induce relaxation, perfect for new moms

    Plantain (Plantago asiatica)

    • Demulcent
    • Sooth irritated tissue
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Speeds up the healing of wounds and sores

    Agrimony (Agrimonia pilosa)

    • Considered to be a ‘cooling’ Astringent, useful for hot inflammatory conditions.
    • Ancient use for healing wounds and stopping bleeding. Agrimony contains high levels of silica, which increases the herbs effect in healing wounds and reducing recovery time.

    Sophora (Sophora flavescens)

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Reduce localized heat

    Rose Flowers (Rosa rugosa) *certified organic

    • Invigorating effect used to improve local blood circulation
    • Astringent effect helping to stop bleeding and assist in speeding up wound recovery
    • Topically used to sooth vaginal itching.
    • Ancient Chinese use to move stagnancy and invigorate the mood.

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    Customer Reviews

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    why belly wrap?

    • Supports your pelvis as well as the tissues in your abdominal wall
    • Provides comfort and support (especially after cesarean births)
    • Help to heal diastasis recti when done in combination with the Core Confidence Program
    • Encourages re-alignment of the rectus muscles (your '6 pack')
    • Keeps your birthing body warm (aka the tradition of 'mother roasting')
    • Guides your postpartum body into restorative posture and alignment
    • Supports your uterus in its return to its normal size (involution)
    • Improves circulation
    • Encourages rest!

    during your pregnancy

    after the birth

    how to use the ab wrap

    This video will guide you through placing the Ab Wrap comfortably and effectively.
    Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all!

    The wrap was designed to be worn immediately postpartum up to around 8 weeks

    ...or until you have restored the ability to generate tension in your abdominal wall. A pelvic floor physiotherapist can be an essential part of your recovery and will help determine this.

    You MUST wrap from the bottom up. (See the video below)

    Wrapping from top down will increase pressure on the uterus and pelvic organs causing a downward descent (prolapse)

    You are aiming for a light compression (gentle hug) and allow for involution of the uterus.

    Too much compression will increase IAP (intra abdominal pressure) and compromise the pelvic floor.

    Belly wrapping alone is not enough!

    You should do the appropriate exercises to restore the core from the inside out. Better yet, we recommend you do the Core Confidence exercises while you are still pregnant to help prepare your core for birth.


    During Pregnancy

    Although designed for postpartum, the Ab Wrap can be used during pregnancy. We recommend the use of the Ab Wrap for pregnant folks who have challenges with core and pelvic control in pregnancy, or those who may be experiencing pain in the pelvic joint.

    How to wear the Ab Wrap during pregnancy:

    The wrap should be worn lower during pregnancy so it lifts the belly, wrapping around the top of the pelvis and under the belly. Similar to wearing postpartum, you want to feel support (like a gentle hug), but avoid wearing the wrap too tight.

    Please note, because the Ab Wrap is designed for postpartum when you are not moving around a lot, in pregnancy it is better suited for shorter stints of added support needed. If you are looking for more of an everyday use pregnancy support, please see The Bellies Band. The Bellies Band can be purchased separately or as part of the Total Support Kit with the Ab Wrap.

    Listen to your body or check in with your care provider to see what is best for you—whether that is using the Ab Wrap during pregnancy, postpartum or a combination of both!


    how to wear the ab tank

    The Ab Tank is a gentle supportive top that we recommend as the base layer underneath the Ab Wrap. Two tanks are included in our Ab System and is also sold separately.

    The Ab Tank is designed to fit underneath the bust to allow for easy breastfeeding / feeding from the body. We've made it extra long so that it fits over the newly postpartum belly and doesn’t ride up.

    • Wear alone, or combine with the Ab Wrap during recovery
    • For the first week or so after your cesarean, this tank is the perfect support over your incision. Add the Ab Wrap in the second week or so.
    • Very breast/chest feeding friendly. It's low cut allows for easy access to feed - or just have some skin-to-skin cuddles!
    • Continue to wear as a comfortable layering piece with gentle shaping features.
    • For many the Ab Tank becomes an on-going layering piece due to its comfort, and gentle shaping features.