What to Know about Insurance Coverage for bellies inc. Products

pregnant woman sitting down on the floor with her lap top as she is working on an insurance coverage for pregnancy and postpartum wraps

If you have health insurance (or extended health insurance as we call it in Canada) did you know that your Bellies Band or Ab Wrap may be covered? Now, it is no guarantee, but if you have it, it is worth a try!

Tips to Filing an Insurance Claim

1. Request a prescription from your Doctor or Midwife. While some insurance providers do not require this, having it in hand will help your chances of your claim being successful.

HCPCS Code: L0621

ICD-10 Codes: 

Back Pain - O99.89, M54.50, M54.51, M54.59
Pelvic Girdle Pain - O26.719
Pelvic Joint Pain - R10.2
Pelvic and pernieal pain - R10.2
Post-Op Pain - O99.89
Pubic Symphysis - O71.6
Rectus Diastasis - M62.08
Round Ligament Pain - O99.89 & R10.2
Sciatic Pain - M54.40

2. Request an official receipt from us. After you complete your online order, email Kelly at info@belliesinc.com with your request for an official receipt. This will be emailed to you in PDF format.

3. Submit your claim with your insurance company. 


If you have any additional questions about your specific insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company directly. Bellies inc. does not process any medical or insurance billing and is not connected to any insurance company. The final decision regarding coverage is that of your insurance company. Bellies Inc. does not make any claims to the success rate of coverage and does not guarantee your purchase will be covered.