Core Confidence Exercise Program

If you want to get started strengthening your core right away, you can with our Core Confidence program.  A series of 8 exercises designed to help you reconnect to your core, flatten your midsection, eliminate back pain and even address those unwelcome changes in your pelvic floor.

Here is a sneak peek of what you”ll get…

During the 9 months of pregnancy the muscles in the abdominal wall can move out of alignment and the connective tissue can lose its ability to tension – a condition known as Diastasis Recti.

In order to have the core you want, you need to retrain the inner core unit so the connective tissue can tension and the muscles can do what they are needed to do!

The Core Confidence Exercise program does just that and it all starts with our foundation exercise – The Core Breath. This exercise alone can make significant changes in your core and we want you to have it for free!

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The best part is of The Core Confidence Program?  It is done in just minutes a day! You can purchase the full program now  for only $14.97  or sign up for our newsletter and we’ll give you the first exercise in the series for free so you can get a glimpse of our most powerful exercise.

The best core exercise for pregnancy - Get Your Free Video

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