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How do I put the Ab Tank and Ab Wrap on?

It is critical that the Ab Wrap be put on with the bottom arm first and that it not be too tight. You want gentle support not to feel like you are a sausage – tighter does not equal better – in fact it takes away from the effectiveness and can actually put you at risk for an increase in lochia (bleeding) in the early days/weeks postpartum and may prevent involution (the uterus from returning to its original size).

It can also encourage downward pressure on the pelvic floor which is of course not ideal! The aim is to provide gentle compression externally to the muscles that have been stretched, torn and or cut, and internal support by progressing through the Core Confidence exercises.

What is the sizing?

We have a based the size chart on third trimester measurements – ideally around your 30th week or later – you will measure under your bust and around your hips. We have tried to make this as applicable to everyone as possible, however every body is different.

We have found that the under the bust measurement is the one that really dictates what size to buy.  As a general guideline  S is for women who were size 2-6 pre-pregnancy. M is for women who were size 8-10 pre-pregnancy.  L is for women who were size 12-14 pre-pregnancy.

We have designed the product to be used in the first 8 weeks postpartum when the belly is still shrinking. For women who are past the 8 week postpartum mark and still wish to purchase the product, you may wish to go a size smaller to ensure the appropriate fit.  As a general guide, if you are in the low to middle of a size range, we recommend ordering a size smaller.

The sizing chart is based on your current measurements while you are still pregnant (ideally in the 3rd trimester).

Under Bust28-3433-3938-44

What is your return policy?

We want to ensure your satisfaction. Given the intimate nature of the garment we have some guidelines to follow for returns and exchanges. Here is our Return Policy – Bellies Inc Return Policy

What is the cost of The Ab System?

There are other postpartum belly binders available to you but many are missing key components. We”ve got you covered and provide you with everything you need to strengthen your core in pregnancy and restore your core postpartum  – all for $137 plus tax and shipping.

Other postpartum belly wraps range between $55 to $100 plus shipping and that is for 1 item only – and many do not shrink with you leaving the potential of needing to purchase 2.  

With the Ab System you get 2 Ab Tanks and 1 Ab Wrap that will adjust to your shrinking postpartum belly. We also give you the laundry bag to wash your tanks in (the wrap should be hand washed), + our informative eBook + the core confidence exercise program that you use in pregnancy and in your recovery postpartum – how’s that for one stop shopping!  We’ve got you covered!

You will receive immediate access to the Core Confidence Exercise program and eBook as soon as you make your purchase online.  Your Ab Tanks, Ab Wrap, Wash Bag and Core Confidence Guidebook will then be sent out to you so you have them to use once your baby is born.  Ours is the only system you’ll need!

Is it covered by insurance?

Some plans and providers will cover abdominal braces or binders but you will need to check with your provider and your specific plan to determine if it will be or not.  We have had many customers submit their receipts and have it covered but it is different for everyone.  Also ask if you have it “prescribed” by your doctor if it will be covered in which case you can speak to your doctor about having them prescribe it for you.

How long does shipping take and what is the cost?

We ship 3 times a week from Vancouver, BC and ship with Canada Post Expedited. Shipping in Canada is a flat rate of $18 and is typically between 2-6 days depending on where you live. Shipping to the USA is a flat rate of $25 and is typically between 4-10 days. Shipping to International destinations is a flat rate of $50 and time ranges between 7 – 21 days.

How do I wash my Ab Tank and Ab Wrap?

In your complete system you receive 2 Ab Tanks and 1 Ab Wrap and 1 delicates laundry bag. When it is time to wash one of your Ab Tanks place it in your delicates bag all by itself (meaning without the wrap) and machine wash in cold water and then hang to dry. Good news is that you have your 2nd Ab Tank and Ab Wrap to wear while the other is being washed!

To wash your Ab Wrap we recommend hand washing it then hanging to dry to preserve the Velcro and the elastic.

Because you wear it over your Ab Tank you will not need to wash the Ab Wrap as much.

How long should I wear my Ab Tank and Ab Wrap for?

Ideally you will wear your Ab Tank and Ab Wrap together as soon as possible after giving birth and as many hours a day as possible for the first 8 weeks. It has been shown that spontaneous healing of the abdominal wall happens in the first 8 weeks. The Ab Tank and Ab Wrap and the Core Confidence program are meant to harness that 8 week time frame and enhance the spontaneous healing so you will be better off at the end of 8 weeks then if you had not worn the Ab Tank and Ab Wrap.

Should I wear the Ab Tank and Ab Wrap at night?

This is personal preference.  In the very early days after your baby is born we recommend wearing it 24/7 so yes, to bed.  After that it will be based on your comfort.  Some wear it to bed and love it while others prefer it during the day only.  Some wear just the tank to bed and leave the wrap off.

Can I wear the Ab Tank and Ab Wrap separately?

We designed the Ab Tank and Ab Wrap to be worn together.  The Ab Tank is a form fitting base layer that provides support itself however with the addition of the wrap you get amazing pelvic, low back and abdominal support.  Some worry about the Ab Tank and Ab Wrap showing underneath clothing and we made great efforts to make them as sleek as possible so they are not visible.  If you would like to wear them separately you may but like chocolate and peanut butter, they are best together.

Some similar products recommend that I buy 2 sizes so that as I shrink I switch to a smaller one – As my belly gets flatter will I need to buy more than one system?

No – all you need is one complete system and it will take you through the entire 8 weeks.  The Ab Tank and Ab Wrap are designed to accommodate every body and adjust with you as your midsection heals.  We have made it easy for you and packaged it all in a convenient system – 2 tanks (so you always have one to wear while the other is being washed), 1 wrap, 1 laundry bag (to wash your tanks), AND an 8 week exercise program!  That is tremendous value!

I had a c-section can I still wear my Ab Tank and Ab Wrap?

You can absolutely wear the Ab Tank and most can also wear the Ab Wrap right away although you may wish to wait a week or so if it feels uncomfortable. The beauty of the Ab Tank and  Ab Wrap is that it is 2 layers so you can customize your experience. The Ab Wrap is great to help lift the abdomen away from the healing incision too! Always remember to put the Ab Wrap on from the bottom up.  We even had one customer wear the Ab Wrap backwards with the lumbar piece against her incision as she felt it provided the best support and comfort.

When should I start wearing my Ab Tank and Ab Wrap?

As soon as possible after your baby is born is ideal.

Will the Ab Tank and Ab Wrap flatten my tummy?

The purpose of the Ab Tank and Ab Wrap is to provide support to the healing connective tissue and muscles in the abdominal wall as well as the pelvis. It is not a magic solution for making your abdomen flat but rather part of a holistic system that rebuilds your core from the inside out. A great side effect of wearing the Ab Tank and Wrap in conjunction with doing our Core Confidence program is that your midsection will be stronger and typically flatter too!

I had my baby 2 years ago – will the Ab Tank and Ab Wrap still help me?

While the Ab Tank and Wrap are ideally designed for use in the first 8 weeks postpartum it may be helpful for women with really weak connective tissue or a large separation. Wearing a wrap beyond the 8 weeks is recommended for women who have been advised that their connective tissue is very weak or that they have a non-functional diastasis.  It is also appropriate for women who are awaiting surgery to fix their diastasis.  The condition of the connective tissue and the need for surgery should be determined by a women”s health physiotherapist rather than self-evaluation.  We recommend seeing one of our trainers and pelvic floor physiotherapists to help determine if the AB Tank and Wrap is right for you.

I have Spanx – should I just use that?

Spanx serve a cosmetic purpose for many women however it is often far too restrictive especially for new moms. New moms need something that provides support but that allows for functional movement and breathing without creating downward pressure on the pelvic floor. The Ab Tank and Wrap were specifically designed with the healing core in mind and provides light compression in the base layer (The Ab Tank) and an additional, fully adjustable wrap layer that is put on from the bottom up. Also keep in mind that it is not just the Ab Tank and Wrap – the exercises are just as, if not more important in healing the abdominal wall.

Do you have other colours?

During our design and development process we polled hundreds of women and maternity retailers. The answer to our colour question was black and nude. In the future we may offer colour choices however currently each complete system comes with 1 black Ab Tank, 1 beige Ab Tank and 1 beige Ab Wrap so it can be worn as a layering piece with as little evidence as possible!

Where is your product made?

The Ab Tank and Wrap are made in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Proudly Canadian!

The product feels amazing and light but I do get hot – is this normal?

Yes and it is actually by design. Our holistic system has been inspired by the healing traditions of belly wrapping and mother warming in other cultures. These cultures understand that birth opens the body and leaves it vulnerable to ‘cold’.   In the first 6-8 weeks postpartum steps need to be taken to close the body, nourish the new mother and warm the body while protecting it from ‘wind’ (cold) while it heals. Western cultures fail to recognize the importance of rest and healing and at Bellies Inc we want to change that. Embracing the wisdom of mother warming, we have created a beautiful, breathable wrap that supports, heals and warms the postpartum woman while promoting a gradual return to function.

What kind of fabric is the Ab Tank and Wrap made with?

We searched high and low for the fabric that would meet our needs. We wanted a smooth and silky feel in a lightweight, breathable material that would also promote tissue recovery through warmth.   The Ab Tank fabric is a 82% polyester and 18% spandex.  

The Ab Wrap is made with wooly stretch nylon, a padded lumbar support and we have gripper elastic on the lumbar pad that is made with 27% polyester and 73% rubber (contains latex).

Can I do the Core Confidence program in pregnancy?

YES! We designed the program so that it is safe for pregnancy AND for core restoration in the early weeks postpartum. We recognize that recovering from pregnancy and birth starts while you are still pregnant and the Core Confidence program is a key piece of that. You do the program in your pregnancy to help minimize diastasis and then you re-start the program once your baby is born and gradually progress back to doing the entire 8 exercise program. It is the same exercises – nothing new to learn and since your body already knows them and has done them, it is quicker to recover.

Where can I buy the Ab System in person?

Here is a list of our retailers

The Ab System is available through the following retailers:


Proactive Pelvic Health
235 Danforth, sute 405
Toronto, ON



The Womb
388 Main Street East
Milton, ON



Dr Sarah Mickeler
99 Crown’s Lane, 3rd floor
Toronto, ON,
M5R 3P4



Core Expectations




If you would like to become a retailer please send us an email at to learn about our reseller program.

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