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Tessa Ridley

Tessa Ridley RMT

Vancouver, Canada
Full NameTessa Ridley
Address179 Davie St #218, Vancouver, BC
LocationVancouver, Canada
Zip CodeV6Z 2Y1
Phone(604) 235-8068
CertifiedCore Confidence Specialist


Tessa was introduced to Massage Therapy at a very young age which has allowed her to develop an inherent connection to the human body. She believes that therapeutic touch & patient education is a vital part of preventative health care.

She has been in professional practice since November 2010 & continues to add to her therapeutic skill base through continuing education. She is passionate about Self Care Education for Humans & supporting Women’s Health issues.

As a versatile practitioner, she has had wide-ranging experience & successful outcomes.

Pre & Post Partum Support

• Full body tissue & joint support as the body changes during each trimester

• Breast Massage to help with breast changes, milk let down/flow, blocked ducts, galactoceal inflammation, mastitis support & pectoral tension

• Pelvic floor muscular stabilization exercise support & education

• Post C-Section Scar Tissue mobilization

• “4th trimester” body & stress support for both parents

• Deep breathing education

• Self Massage education

• Self Care education



Pre and post-operative scar tissue education, rehabilitation & support [including but not limited to]

• Post cesarian section

• Post-lumpectomy/mastectomy

• Post abdominal/organ surgery


Breast Massage & Tissue Health Care

• Post breast augmentation support (implants & reductions)

• Pre & post pregnancy breast changes (mastitis support, repetitive strain/tension with breast feeding)

• Post-lumpectomy and post-mastectomy rehabilitation

• Pre-menstrual symptoms


Focused Head & Neck Treatments for

• Jaw (TMJ) pain & tension

• Headaches / Migraines

• Ear Ringing (Tinnitus)

• Vertigo


Focused Hand & Foot Treatments for

•Numbness & tingling

•Cold fingers & toes

•Arthritic changes & other inflammatory conditions

•Overall body relaxation


Full body tension & stress reduction for

• Biomechanical Misalignments

• Work related repetitive strain & tension patterns

• Poor sleep / Insomnia

• Anxiety management

• Digestive Issues

• Nerve entrapment and muscle pain concerns

• AND the overall maintenance of conscious physical, mental & emotional health and well being.


Tessa has continued education training in:

• Fascial Manipulation


• Core Conditioning & Pelvic Floor Strengthening / Stabilization


• Visceral Manipulation


• Craniosacral Therapy


Tessa works deeply with the Myofascial System during customized treatments based on your specific needs.

She recently completed the Core Confidence Workshop through Bellies, Inc. & is excited to share her knowledge about Core Stability, Pelvic Floor Education/Rehab for all ages/genders & Pre/Post Pregnancy core changes.

Tessa believes that massage is a very personal approach to wellness based on your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is a powerful journey into the self, and Tessa is committed to helping each patient heal the mind, body and spirit through the application of therapeutic massage techniques and a gentle approach to self-care.

She is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of BC and is a member in good standing with the RMTBC.


When Tessa is not practicing Massage Therapy, you can find her online teaching about Self Care on her multiple social media platforms & staying active while communing in Nature.

She loves to hike, swim and explore the riches of the lower mainland. She is an avid learner & studies a wide range of topics daily including Astrology, Numerology, Physiology & Neurology as a means to better understand her place as a human being in this world.


Tessa is excited to help you to connect to your human body in new ways!

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