I feel like I look better now than before my kids!

Bellies Inc Testimonial
Debbie before and Debbie after
Bellies Inc Testimonial
Image taken 1 month after the 'before' photo without the Ab wrap on. Still needs some help with her posture but great progress!
Bellies Inc Testimonial
Image taken 5 months after the 'before' photo - so much better!
Bellies Inc Testimonial
Image taken 9 months after the before photo - amazing! It doesn't happen overnight - healing the postpartum body takes time. (Still working a bit on her posture)


I actually packed the AB system in my hospital bag. Best feeling ever to put that sucker on after that precious human is out. The gentle hug to your abdominals as you are having your ‘cramping’ stage, a.k.a uterus finding it’s home again, felt wonderful!

Bellies Inc Testimonial
Mandi at 2 days postpartum
Bellies Inc Testimonial
Mandi at 8 weeks postpartum
Bellies Inc Testimonial
Mandi at 8 months postpartum
What do I have to say about the AB system and Bellies Inc…….Well where to start. I am a mamma of 2; a 2 1/2 year old and a now 7 month old. 
I had learned a bit about pre and post natal fitness and care previously to the birth of my first (luckily!!). But with my first borns entry into this world, she was already showing us a glimpse of her personality. You guessed it, ‘stubborn’! My mom and dad keep telling me it’s karma….HA. And with that I was introduced to the lovely episiotomy and forceps.This took it’s toll on my lovely lady bits, to say the least.  
I knew enough then to not hammer back into my regular exercise regime. THANK GOD!! As a University athlete, this was literally my ‘life’ to workout hard. 
Then when my daughter was 1.5, I stumbled upon the Bellies Inc. trainers course in Toronto. To say that I was pumped after taking this course would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. My brain and body were so keen to start incorporating all the tools they taught us. Little did I know that at the time I took the course, I was already 5 weeks pregnant with my little man. Good timing huh! 
I applied this new knowledge and information throughout my pregnancy and immediately post. I actually packed the AB system in my hospital bag. Best feeling ever to put that sucker on after that precious human is out. The gentle hug to your abdominals as you are having your ‘cramping’ stage, a.k.a uterus finding it’s home again, felt wonderful! I also started my Core Breath while in the hospital too. I did my follow up appointment post partum with my Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and no further damage was done after my second!!!! Hurray!! 
Can’t sing enough praise for what these women are doing! Saving mammas one body at a time. 🙂


It feels amazing!  Like you told me…a gentle hug for my abdomen and pelvis.  Wish I had it for me other 2!

Bellies Inc Testimonial
9 months with 3rd baby
Bellies Inc Testimonial
3 days postpartum with beautiful daughter
Bellies Inc Testimonial
3 days postpartum


Below are images from a colleague Anita Vandenberg who is a pelvic health physiotherapist. These are taken 1 day postpartum. You will also find below her postpartum progress videos that she is filming each week.

Bellies Inc Testimonial
Anita 1 day postpartum with her beautiful daughter!


Tiffany 1Tiffany 1
Tiffany 2
Bellies Inc Testimonial
Bellies Inc Testimonial
Bellies Inc Testimonial
Bellies Inc Testimonial

“I used your system for my first born who is now 15 months old. Being 21+ weeks with my second now I can’t even imagine where I would have been physically and even mentally had I not taken your workshop and used your Ab System.

Being a trainer, I changed so many of my clients perspectives on the importance of prenatal exercise, training etc, alongside my own. Going through my pregnancies so close together and explaining my experiences with clients has been really amazing!
Like I said to Samantha, I felt like I won the Mecca of prenatal & postnatal knowledge the moment I met you 3 at Canfitpro 2014
Here is her update from baby #2
“I have no idea how I would have survived with with a 19 month old and a new born without this band. The relief this band provided on my lower back and throb in my pelvic floor was astounding!”


Lori from reviewed the AB System in her blog post about recovering after birth from her second child.  

She writes,

“I am so happy to have been able to try this product out as I have been really liking it.

It fits great and I really like how it feels on. It almost feels like second skin.

I am excited to continue to wear this wrap for a few more weeks and see how it helps my core even more.”



Bellies Inc Testimonial
Bellies Inc Testimonial
Bellies Inc Testimonial
 I have always been an active person who loves doing yoga, lifting weights, and hiking. After a great pregnancy, I had a very long labour, which included 7 hours of pushing. As a result, recovering after my baby took much longer than I had ever thought. I was shocked at how weak I felt in my core. I constantly felt like I was going to throw my back out as I spent all day carrying around my baby. My pelvic floor also seemed to be much weaker. After trying to do some simple exercises, I knew my body just wasn’t ready to dive back in to my old fitness routine. I needed to build myself back up.

I had always heard that I have to safely rehab my core, but in reality, I had no idea what that meant. Which exercises were safe? Can I do a plank? Push ups? What exactly is the core? At the advice of a friend, I purchased the Core Confidence program, which I started at 7 weeks postpartum. I felt reassured that the exercises in the program were safe for me. The program gradually built my strength back up, week after week. Even my mom, who had been struggling with a weakened pelvic floor, started doing the exercises with me! One year later, I still do some of the exercises to help maintain my core strength. I’ve never felt stronger than I do right now, and I credit the Core Confidence program for helping me safely build back my strength after my baby.



I’ve been wearing the tank almost 24/7; I like the light compression, although it is a little hot at night.  The Ab Tank and wrap feel great  and I like that I can change how I’m wearing it; sometimes I wear it lower to compress through my pelvis more, sometimes a little higher; but regardless of how I put it on, I feel as though I’m getting good support on my abs.  It also is nice to have the support when walking and doing household chores.  Unfortunately, it is hard to keep great posture while I’m breastfeeding, so I take it off for that, and often when I’m just lounging and relaxing, which, especially in the first few weeks, I did a lot of. Overall I think it is a good system and I’d recommend it to both clients and friends.



I was preaching to my birth group mamas and practitioners about all the good things like the Epi-No and AB tank (of course telling them where to get them!), and the midwives were really impressed with my post-baby belly. I had our daughter Kara 6 months ago, and used both the Epi-No and AB Tank system. I was all ready, stretched and prepared for a vaginal birth but she was born via emergency C-section. I found the AB Tank hugely beneficial in supporting my post-surgical belly, and it gave me the confidence to do all my motherly duties while I recovered. I wore it almost all the time for the first 3 months, even in that sweltering summer heat we had! I tell all of my pregnant mommy friends about it. My belly looks and feels great, thank you!



I started doing the Core Confidence program while pregnant because I was experiencing leakage. My friends all told me it was normal. I was embarrassed to tell me trainer but so glad I did because after a few short weeks of doing the core confidence exercises the symptoms totally went away and never came back! It is so easy too, and my Bellies Inc Trainer gave me a variety of ways to do it, even lying in bed when I’m half asleep. I’m still doing the program at five months post natal and have healed my diastasis and am even able to safely do plank positions which I love.



I am really liking the Ab System and I can’t believe this isn’t standard practice for everyone!  It feels so comfortable and supportive and I can’t imagine not having it


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